Why RadioTime

Many radio resources exist online or you could roll your own. So why should you work with RadioTime rather than build your own radio app or use another resource?

Feature Music Service Radio
Personal Playlist Yes No
Music DJs No Yes
Talk and Sports No Yes
Local No Yes
World No Yes
Live No Yes
Free No Yes
Strong business No Yes
Commercials No Yes

Radio offers everything except personal playlists. RadioTime addresses that gap with presets and search tools that help you discover more favorites. All of radio: one place. No schlepping from station to station. On top of that, its guide is available as an app for many home and mobile products. Discover the many products using TuneIn.

What about Social Music Networks

Social music networks offer a great forum for creating and sharing personalized music – do include them! They’re missing the benefits of radio. They feel sterile without:

  • Live radio.
  • DJs who know the music.
  • In-station interviews.
  • Local content.
  • Talk radio.
  • Sports.
  • Personalities.

Social music networks face high costs and an uncertain business model.

What about an alternative directory?

Radio directories sort stations by categories and link to station web pages. They still miss a few things.

They don’t…

  • Play radio from within the guide or app.
  • Show local radio automatically.
  • Use a large community to improve quality.
  • Include editor-selected channels.
  • Have relationships with broadcasters for reliable access.
  • Measure and filter streams dynamically that works for listeners.
  • Include detailed program information.
  • Include full international city coverage.
  • Include most traditional stations and power AM/FM tuning.
  • Offer open access to the content to use as you like.
  • Deliver detailed metrics on use through your product.
  • Rely on people with heavy radio experience who implement radio tuner features.
  • Offer free basic access.

Build Your Own?

Sure, you can spend the time and resources to build your own radio listings and features for your product or site. This route can delay your product’s rollout, cost more and produce an unsatisfying solution.

We already work with broadcasters and a huge community — something that takes time to develop. This saves you loads of time and gives you access to a time-tested and elegant solution created by radio pros.

Time may or may not be a factor in your product or service. What if your competitors come up with the same idea and beat you to the market?

Busy and overloaded listeners want an easy and fast way to find what they want without scanning thousands of channels. RadioTime has built in tools, filters and apps to speed this process and product sharp results. Furthermore, the guide includes customized channels to further narrow down the choices to help the users find “What’s on that’s good?”

Wanna chitchat? Give us a call us toll free at 972-364-9797 or email sales@radiotime.com.