IMA Public Broadcasting New Media Conference

Radio Time was a small sponsor in this week’s excellent IMA conference on Public Broadcasting and New Media

One theme was public radio’s limited success building strong online communities around their compelling content and loyal listener base.

Between presentations and private talks we found friction between NPR who produces alot of national content and their customers, the local stations who raise most of the money and pay the bills.

The two groups have different perspectives on Radio Time. Local stations generally see Radio Time as ally by improving radio through a comprehensive consumer guide across local and global content, they agree a guide is good for any industry.

But national groups are more controlling with meta information as an anchor for their own portal efforts. Individual consumers normally listen across publisher boundaries and also enjoy music, sports, talk, and religion along with local and national radio content. Comparing radio to TV, viewers prefer or their TiVo to for finding or personalizing their programming.

It means Radio Time’s meta information strategy is on track — collect public information from stations and aggregate details already published. First manually with our own imperfect vertical search and human-powered editing, then scaling with user-contributions from a large and broad audience.

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