Digital Hollywood – Santa Monica

RadioTime was again a panelist at Digital Hollywood last week in Santa Monica. The theme was “Music Industry Innovates and Morphs: Radio, Blogs, P2P, Ad Revenue Concepts, Cable/TV Innovation” The heart of the session was a debate between StreamCast and the RIAA followed by lots of audience questions to StreamCast.

The audience showed a sophisticated understanding of the legal issues surrounding digital media and the RIAA. Whether Morpheus previously violated United States Copyright laws from the most recent Supreme Court decision in MGM v. Grokster & StreamCast Networks is questionable. However, the RIAA’s tactics for enforcing copyright holder’s rights is understood by both technologists and consumers.

Everyone agreed this model is broken and that consumers have embraced peer-to-peer distribution. The entertainment industry seems to go through technology cycles. First, ignoring technology as insignificant. Next attempting to stop technology through legal action. Attempting to control the technology, and then finally, embracing and profiting from new technology.

We are in the phase where entertainment companies want to control the technology. The panel concluded they are unlikely to fully embrace it until 2007.

This August RadioTime will be on another Digital Hollywood panel to discuss further.

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