RadioTime 2.0 Preview

RadioTime 2.0 Preview:

We’re working day and night on a major refresh of A huge chunk of the work will go live June 1st with many iterative improvements quickly following.

New Look:: The color pallet has been freshened up along with the logo and desktop software.

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RadioSearch 2.0 Backend

We’ve completely revamped our backend search, dumping SQL-base retrieval in favor of Finding radio will be an order of magnitude faster and many times more accurate.

RadioSearch 2.0 UI

In the past we split search results into “programs” and “stations.” This caused many problems, mainly, most users don’t make a distinction between the two. The new UI combines shows, stations, and topics into a single format, much like a google search.

Users can refine there result set on the fly thanks to a collaborative filtering menu. Drilling down to a specific genre, source type, or local results will be nearly instantaneous.

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Improved SmartPick

Why can’t I listen to this show? Now you’ll know. We’re adding a series of features to better explain why a show doesn’t have a play icon.

Browse Tree:

Gone is the long list of all of the categories in our catalog. Now you’ll be able to progressively drill down to the genre or location you are really looking for.

browse tree
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My Radio:

Formally favorites. We’ve tweaked the concept a bit and have removed the separation between programs and stations. Now all kinds of radio live together in “My Radio”

my radio
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Other screenshots:

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show details
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Stay tuned!

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