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Sneak Preview of the new RadioRecorder interface!

Checkout our new soon-to-be-released version of RadioRecorder! Kudos to Travis’ creative genius! Please feel free to leave a comment to tell us what you think.

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Life Before RadioTime on the Squeezebox

To follow the broadcast of radio on the Squeezebox, it was a real pain. Need proof? How about a head-to-head challenge… Imagine you are searching for a station that carries the Dallas Cowboys football games. Let’s count the difference in steps. Step 1: go to Google, or your favorite search engine Step 2: search for [...]

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He’s not only the President…

So, if you have ever sent feedback from our site–whether a technical support problem, a request to add a station or radio show to our program coverage, or just provided a general comment, you’ll notice that radiotime has quite a quick response rate. Chances are that you have communicated with our President & CEO Bill [...]

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RadioTime’s Beta Launch on Slim Devices’ SqueezeBox is a big hit

Recently, we worked with the team at Slim Devices to see what their users thought of adding the RadioTime RadioGuide™ to their service. We’ve worked with a lot of media adapters to know this is one of the best. The team at Slim Devices was great to work with and the actual project went from [...]

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