Life Before RadioTime on the Squeezebox

To follow the broadcast of radio on the Squeezebox, it was a real pain. Need proof? How about a head-to-head challenge…

Imagine you are searching for a station that carries the Dallas Cowboys football games. Let’s count the difference in steps.

  • Step 1: go to Google, or your favorite search engine
  • Step 2: search for Dallas Cowboys radio
  • Step 3: go through a bunch of pages about the Cowboys interviews on the radio
  • Step 4: you try another search for your local radio station page that plays sports games locally
  • Step 5: Press play
  • Step 6: copy the URL (or sniff the URL using a tool)
  • Step 7: Set up the URL in Squeezebox Favorites
  • Step 8: Play on the Squeezebox (YAY!)
  • Possible Step 9: The station changes teh URL and you have to repeat the process.

Now, with the integrated Guide in Squeezebox configured in your

  • Step 1: Go to your Squeezebox and browse to Internet Radio > RadioGuide by RadioTime > Browse by Genre > Sports > Football > NFL >Dallas Cowboys
  • Step 2: Play

That’s a 400% reduction in steps!

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