RadioTime’s Beta Launch on Slim Devices’ SqueezeBox is a big hit

Image of SqueezeBox

Recently, we worked with the team at Slim Devices to see what their users thought of adding the RadioTime RadioGuide™ to their service. We’ve worked with a lot of media adapters to know this is one of the best. The team at Slim Devices was great to work with and the actual project went from proof of concept to beta in record time. Our standard web services made it fast and relatively simple to integrate. Huge thanks to Dean, Patrick and Andy at Slim Devices and our very own Carl and Steve for making this happen.

Anyone interested in an audio system can buy a SqueezeBox for as low as $249, hook it up to speakers, access RadioTime to listen to favorite stations and your radio recordings (with the SlimServer 6.5b1 beta release or later) or even your own personal music collection, and have what you want to hear when and where you want it. Travis took Squeezebox home to show his wife and there is skepticism that we will ever get it back! Sorry Slim Devices, probably happens all the time. Squeeze Box owners love it and everyone that visits them is really impressed. All you do is plug and play. It’s even wi-fi enabled and the sound quality is great. The unit is small and portable, and the UI is snappy fast. See how it works

Even better, SqueezeBox users gave really great feedback on their community forums regarding the RadioTime plugin. Read for yourself. We really admire Slim Devices’ commitment to user feedback. We are all excited here at RadioTime and look forward to being added to the next SqueezeNetwork release!

Check out more details about RadioTime on the Squeezebox.

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