RedButton Recordings – Ideas and Benefits

With our new launch of RadioTime RedButton Beta desktop application and FREE Recording November 2006, we thought we’d give our list of benefits and ideas for radio recordings.


  • Hear what Dan Patrick has to say about the Cowboys, even though you have meetings all afternoon.
  • LAS to NYC goes a lot faster with A Prairie Home Companion.
  • Compile a best of your favorite radio shows and DJ personalities
  • Host a marathon of great episodes
  • Make a party mix
  • Take radio with you on the road or in the office in your iPod
  • Wake up and listen to your favorite New York Morning show while on San Francisco time


  • Now you can truly listen to your wife while you drive to the inlaws
  • Your friends at work will think you’re hi-tech
  • No more sitting in your driveway waiting for your favorite show to end
  • No More Rushing For Rush or Springing for Springer
  • The late night DJ without the late night.

Don’t have RedButton? Download now …and leave us a comment with your ideas or benefits!

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