Bring Back the DJ!

A recent article in Forbes titled “Come Back Mr. DJ” has touched on one of our team’s passions — traditional radio and keeping the local flavor alive with great radio DJ talent.

Mark Ramsey , President of Mercury Radio Research, was quoted as saying,

“The stuff between the records is what’s key, it’s what separates radio from iPods,”

RadioTime could not agree more! We are passionate about radio broadcasting and making local and syndicated radio as available as possible. We believe that getting all types of radio online in one place gives everyone the option to choose — not just across the local dial, but around the world, and even timeshift the program to your schedule so you can listen more!

Find that great DJ, amazing talk radio host, or radio coverage of your favorite sports event. Help us get even better and let us know if your favorite radio broadcast is missing from our online listening guide! Just try a search by ZIP code, call sign, location, station name, host or DJ name, etc. If you don’t find it and know its available for listening online, contact us!

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