Radio Host shakes up Bank of America for false arrest

Clark Howard, radio host and consumer advocate of The Clark Howard Show, took action after hearing about Matthew Shinnick and his fiasco with Bank of America. Clark Howard exhibited how a radio audience can make a big difference.

Matthew’s Story

Matthew used the popular website Craig’s list to sell two bicycles and received a suspicious check. When he took the check to Bank of America to ask them to take a look, he was arrested and thrown in jail! Nearly $14,000 out of pocket later, the bank refused to reimburse Matthew for the error in judgment.

How the show responded

Enter Clark Howard… Not only did he offer Matthew $7000, he also asked the bank to pay him the other half of his expenses. The bank refused and The Clark Howard show created a campaign to show Bank of America that they still needed to care about their customers. An email account was set up on Yahoo for listeners to self report how much money they were pulling out of Bank of America as they decided to close their accounts with the bank.

The campaign mentioned that it had reached it’s $50 Million mark on the “Money Loss Meter”, although Bank of America denies that this much money was pulled out of their accounts. Either way, Clark Howard’s message did reach a broad audience about the need for consumer advocacy.

More about the story from BoingBoing and more about Matthew Shinnick’s story from San Francisco Chronicle.

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