Listener’s Feedback Made Our Monday!

There is nothing better than starting off a work week with great user feedback titled “What a great service!” submitted from our website!

I love to listen to conservative talk radio, but the AM stations all have static or poor sound quality. I bought a Squeezebox so I could listen to the internet broadcasts of the talk show hosts, but it was really hard to set them up until I found the RadioTime Tab on Squeezebox web site. I can’t begin to tell you how great your system is. I was easily able to set it up and we are now listening to Christmas music in additon to our favorite talk shows. The tabs on the favorites are a genious innovation. Just wanted to give you a personal “Thanks” for this great software system. - Richard from Libertyville, Illinois 12/03/2006 11:29am CST

Thank you so much, Richard, for taking the time to let us know how you enjoy our tuner service and for making our day! We appreciate our user comments and really read them! We want to know that users are getting what they want as well as criticisms for making us better.

We agree that listening to AM stations over the internet is a lot better listening experience than traditional local AM signal. There is so much great radio talk show content locally, nationally, and worldwide that Squeezebox users can easily listen to. It’s our goal to make radio as accessible as possible. Stay tuned as we work with more digital audio devices and services to get listeners the radio when and where you want.

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