Pro Football Comes to RadioTime

Attention all fantasy football addicts, Bronco fans living in New York, Redskin fans toughing it out in Dallas, and anyone else who loves NFL football…the days of wishing you could keep up with your favorite player or hometown team are over.

RadioTime is now featuring listings of local radio affiliates in over 20 NFL markets. Each of these stations makes its game feeds available to Internet users and NFL fans around the world. That’s right – LIVE, local play-by-play radio feeds from your favorite teams and your favorite announcers, heard loud and clear through and all of our partnering devices.

Skins fans down in Cowboy country, the cure for what ails you has finally arrived!

Now, in the interest of full disclosure, there are differing contractual issues between teams and their affiliates that prohibit certain stations from streaming their broadcasts. And in those cases, you will unfortunately not be able to hear those game feeds through RadioTime.

The good news is that over 20 teams do allow their games to be streamed. That means most every Sunday afternoon, you’ll be able to hear at least one feed from each stadium across the country. That’s because we’ve scoured (and continue scouring) our listings for those stations that DO indeed make their feeds available. Every Friday afternoon, look for our “NFL Weekend” channel on the RadioTime homepage, filled to the brim with game match-ups and schedules for that Sunday’s contests.

You can help us out, too. If you know of a station that streams its NFL broadcasts and you don’t see it in our lists of streaming stations, let us know! We do a pretty darn good job of finding this info ourselves, but we’re also keenly aware of the depth of intellect of RadioTime users. So, send us your tips – and your game predictions if you got em’ – and happy listening this coming NFL weekend!

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