Yellow play button?

Yellow means warning — we are not confident it will work.

Yesterday Thomas pushed a new with big changes under the hood for internet listening. You’ll notice a few yellow play icons. Yellow means we see failures — but enough success to let you try yourself.

Yellow may mean you need a special station player. These usually work, but we can’t automatically monitor the quality and they won’t work in most RadioTime powered products.

Listeners press play and expect the program promised — every time. Our technical friends may appreciate the knarly problem behind the button.

So we can brag a little here — fancy stuff happens when you press play. There may be over 1000 listening options that:

  • work with your computer or device
  • work now
  • are local
  • are reliable
  • start quickly
  • have good quality
  • work with your connection
  • are one of your favorites
  • have most of the program left
  • have a reliable

All in a few milliseconds, and across continuous changes to millions of alternative listening options every few minutes.

As millions listen through RadioTime, the service dynamically rates the experience — knowing when it is not available, buffering, or stopped. The service knows which content is streamed and which is only broadcast locally.

If an option fails, the player will “try another” automatically. But we depend on you (plus a team of administrators) to tell us if the wrong program is on.

A lot can go wrong, and sometimes does. But with your help along with our explosive listening growth, it keeps getting better.

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