Radio Wiki


Starting today, anyone can “fix” the RadioTime database.

Moderators make changes live quickly. Why wait for moderators? Unlike Wikipedia, bad info can break listening for thousands of people.

We’ll be recruiting new moderators for their expertise, for both volunteer and paid work. If you are interested, send an email to

Everyone will see their contributions acknowledged. With this approach we can scale coverage and quality way beyond the capacity of our 15 administrators already are busy updating stations, streams, lineups, programs, topics, logos, networks, and sports coverage.

The new version just shows a peek, Edit links for basic updates to stations, streams, and programs. Behind the scenes we’ve built new content management applications with browser access, sophisticated revision control, and flexible roles and rights. Now we can also let content owners securely manage their own information.

We encourage complaining, and you’ve responded – telling us to “fix it” every few minutes, all day long. Don’t stop telling us to fix it, but now you can also fix it yourself.

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