Announcing Radioshift for Mac!

Radioshift delivers and amazing TiVo for Radio experience to the Mac — especially created by the Mac software artists at Rouge Amoeba.

radioshift icon

The software uses RadioTime guide under many cool features including a integrating staiton and program information, map display, and iTunes integration. You’ll find the same content from filtered for what works on a Mac and integrated to use the right players.

Mac users have long been frustrated with RadioTime, it works poorly with Firefox and worse with Safari (we’ll be improving site compatibility over the next two months, but we won’t be developing a recorder). The demo is free and the product cost $32 for unlimited use. We heartily recommend buying this great radio software.

Paul and the guys at Rouge Amoeba have been working hard on this for a year now since we agreed to kill our misguided Mac recorder.

You can’t share RadioTime favorites or manage the your recordings from, depending on user demand they could add those features later.

If you find bad data in Radioshift, it’s our fault — don’t feel bashful about reporting the problems directly. First find the bad station/program, and click “tell us to Fix It”. Most changes are live the same day.

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