Radio Makes Pegusus News Even Better

Pegasus News

Local Programs Badge

Pegasus News has done a bang-up job creating a site teaming with wonderful local Dallas content. Today they made it better by adding local radio to the mix with a clever use of RadioTime “badges”. Badges pull specific content from one site for another.

You can see the first version on the Pegasus News Metro page, about halfway down on the right column.

We pitched Mike Orren at Pegasus with the idea — add a list of local radio stations. Mike wanted to organize around local radio programs, not just stations or syndicated national content. Pegasus worked with us on the badge. Then they went further as a partner improving our guide with information about local Dallas radio programs they know personally.

To manage their listings, Pegasus started with a free RadioTime account. They added programs they wanted to a RadioTime favorite folder. Now they can drop a little html to add favorites badges where they like. The free badge handles all the details for which programs are live and picking the right internet radio player for listening.

In the future they can update badges to feature artist interviews and special local radio content. Check out samples of more RadioTime badges available and share your feedback.

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