New Year. New Tuner.

Today’s update includes a new radio tuner that is simpler and smarter.

new RadioTime tuner

The tuner takes better advantage the RadioTime platform and experience to help listeners. Improvements include:

  • Display of the stream quality to help decide if the reliability problems are specific to your computer. Quality is shown as a percentage or a warning using failures reported by other listeners. The reliability information is usually from the past few hours for large stations and the past few days for small ones.
  • Displays a clear warning notice if sports games or other programs are not streamed while you are listening. The site shows which programs are not streamed as “Local Only”, but that text is easy to miss and users report when games are not streamed.
  • Improved wizard for trying another source when you hear a problem and click Not Working.
  • More detailed program “now playing” information.
  • Broader browser support (sorry but Mac streaming support is awful, try Radioshift)
  • Smarter automatic alternate source support for when streams don’t work for you.

Please let us know what you like and what you don’t, just press “Found a mistake” anytime and let us know what you think.

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