New SqueezeNetwork and SqueezeCenter Features


RadioTime improvements from the SqueezeNetwork and SqueezeCenter arrive today.

* Press “play” from the title (no more drilling down to a specific stream).

* “Now playing” displays the station or show name (instead of Play | 64KB).

* Use the search button to find a station or show.

* Automatic backup streams on failure if there are multiple compatible stream s available. Press “Next” to manually jump to an alternate stream.

* Live show time remaining options. When a show broadcast is available from more than one station, you can still navigate to pick a particular station. Now you’ll find them sorted in groups of how much time is available.

* On-demand shows. Where an on-demand option is available for a show you’ll find navigation options to listen. Not all of these on-demand streams are compatible with the SqueezeBox and they are not being filtered, so you may see “playlist failed to parse” for some.

* Jive displays station and show logos for easier recognition.

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