40% of internet radio listening is local

The graph below is a sample from yesterday’s RadioTime listening. The service tracks both the listener’s home market (your radiotime.com Local tab), and the actual station location.


About 40% of listening sessions are local — where the listener is less than 100 miles from the station. That means nearly 60% is not local! The split will drive radio advertising into the future. The chart shows choices when listeners have a broad set of free radio options. Unlike stations who measure their own listening, RadioTime measures listener choices across nearly all available free radio. AM/FM technology has always kept listeners nearby. So it’s not surprising local ads make up about 70% of radio revenue. Even popular national syndicated and public radio programs still allocate about 25% of the hour for local content and local ads.

Local radio will continue to remain one of the most appealing characteristics of great radio. And, RadioTime will continue to make it easy to find local radio or radio around the globe.

The sample includes 20,000 users listening from PCs, digital home devices, and mobile. The sample is 24 hours of September 14th 2008 CST. Internet-only stations not affiliated with a specific market are excluded.

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