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PC Magazine — Top 100 Undiscovered Websites

PC Magazine agrees we are one of the Top 100 Undiscovered Websites! We hope next year we’ll no longer qualify as undiscovered.

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Sonos calls it “Radio”

Sonos released an upgrade with RadioTime completely integrated as part of their solution. They’ve nailed positioning to their users; no longer a “digital music system”, simply a “music system”. No longer “internet radio”, just “radio”. The RadioTime service replaces their internal list of 600 stations. Their users can now access a huge selection of stations, [...]

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Wunder Reviews

WunderRadio reviews and coverage have been excellent. User’s love it, use this iTunes link to browse over 100 customer reviews averaging 4.5 stars The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) TUAW Review: WunderRadio Steven Sande Oct 7th 2008 “Having used several of the other free streaming radio clients available in the App Store, I was impressed with [...]

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WunderRadio RadioTime-powered iPhone

The guys at The Weather Underground have created the best iPhone radio application yet using RadioTime services. Chicago Tribune Redye Blog “It streams EVERY station on the planet, or so it seems. I’m talking about every station I’ve ever listened to. It has stations I’ve picked up while listening at night as a kid. It [...]

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Find without Search

Searching without a keyboard is too much work. Now, you can now quickly find any radio without with one hand using a knob, wheel, or a few buttons. Creating a simple browse experience requires little effort for a few hundred channels. But RadioTime carries thousands of stations and programs. Furthermore, unlike a music collection, your [...]

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Solving “the good problems”

Over the past few months RadioTime has been struggling with “the good problems”, huge growth consuming our capacity and compromising reliability. The team has been working hard to upgrade our colocation infrastructure with better security, fault tolerance, and an application pool of 13 servers. During the upgrade the service was down for a few hours [...]

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