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WunderRadio reviews and coverage have been excellent. User’s love it, use this iTunes link to browse over 100 customer reviews averaging 4.5 stars

The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) TUAW Review: WunderRadio Steven Sande Oct 7th 2008 “Having used several of the other free streaming radio clients available in the App Store, I was impressed with the breadth of content on WunderRadio. Unlike AOL Radio, which seems to pick a few stations per market area, or Pandora, just about every radio station in my home area was on the list.”

MacWorld Review: WunderRadio for iPhone, App streams terrestrial radio to your iPhone Christopher Breen, Oct 13, 2008 “This $6 application for the iPhone and iPod touch works in league with RadioTime, the Dallas-based service that provides the means for streaming terrestrial radio content to devices such as Logitech’s Squeezebox and applications such as Rogue Amoeba’s Radioshift… If you’d like access to countless radio startions from across the globe in a portable and inexpensive package, drop the measly $6 necessary to obtain a copy of WunderRadio.”

MacWorld UK iPhone and radio is a busy frequency Apps makers and radio stations don’t need an FM receiver for the iPhone Oct 13, 2008 Jonny Evans

Apple iPhone Apps Review: WunderRadio Jeff Noble, Oct 10, 2008

Chicago Tribune WunderRadio: Best radio in App Store. Period Redeye Oct. 3, 2008

Truveo Post Video review The first episode of iPhone Review reviews a cool radio app called WunderRadio

iPhone HK Review 熜Mon 都可以聽到香港既電台

Todd Munnt Review Todd Munnt Oct 9, 2008

Los Angeles Times Ubiquitous Clear Channel radio now invades your iPhone Swati Pandey Oct 9 2008

Media Futurist Thousands of Radio Stations – new Phone App Oct 10, 2008

Hear 2.0 Thousands of Radio Stations – Now on the iPhone Mark Ramsey, Oct 9, 2008 “RadioTime.com and the folks at Weather Underground have a great new iPhone app that has probably already brought your radio station to the iPhone without you lifting a finger.”

RAIN Radio and Internet Newsletter RAIN 10/9: New $6 app puts nearly every broadcaster on the iPhone Kurt Hanson, Oct 9, 2008

The Infinite Dial For Many Stations, A Kiosk At The Mall Sean Ross, Oct 8, 2008

Radio World New App Helps iPhone Users Access Online Content From Radio Stations Oct 10, 2008 “For radio execs, getting their brands and content onto portable electronic devices is the big goal these days… A new application from an online weather service company may help. It provides iPhone users access to streaming Internet radio stations using RadioTime’s guide.”

Radio & Television Business Report WunderRadio for the iPhone launched Oct 8, 2008 “RadioTime’s guide provides a quick and easy way to find radio content from thousands of stations across the world. Listeners can browse by genre or location to see what is available for their tastes, locations and connections. Users can build a list of their favorite stations providing instant access to a personalized directory.”

About.com Radio New iPhone Radio App Will Connect to 60,000 Radio Stations Corey Dietz, Oct 7, 2008

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