New Tuner


Today you’ll find a new web tuner, the result for months of work from Alexey, JP and Thomas.

You’ll see a big pause and volume control, simpler status, simpler “Not working”, and a smarter wizard.

Our mission is making it easy to find and enjoy radio for your taste, device, connection, and your location. Your “device” is often a computer and browser. That’s an easy problem for any particular broadcaster, but hard across a diverse selection that listeners enjoy. So we’ve continued to do a better job connecting the dots between a big play button — and the available station, streams, restrictions, your installed media players, and plug-ins installed for your browser. We’ll try another combination until it works, tell you what you can do (install a player), or automatically report the problem to fix quickly.

During the past few weeks we’ve tested against 23 different users to learn how their listen experience works or doesn’t (we staged problems to see how users recover). Watching these videos is a good reminder that while broadcasters may demand their own unique player for good reasons – listeners can hate them!

The videos show befuddled listeners trying to understand where the volume button moved this time. Or, why the player doesn’t work on their computer. As if they needed a different browser for every website.

Radio is free and broadcasters rely on their brand, their content, and effective advertising across many devices. We intend to connect these dots next.

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