RadioTime Counts Colleges Who Stream

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New York Time’s Ben Sisario last month asked for statistics on US College Radio internet streaming. Ben’s NY Times story on College Radio included a summary:

To reach new audiences, college and other noncommercial stations have taken the lead in Internet broadcasting: 60 percent have Web streams, compared with 36 percent for all stations, according to RadioTime, an online service.

This is a small mention but a big proof point where RadioTime is the source for internet radio alongside Arbitron for traditional radio.

We feel the story is overly negative on college radio, Arbitron also reports 93% of adults 18-23 listen to radio every week. After steady decline, listening hours for the group have started to increase over the past few quarters.

College radio remains a wellspring of great new music and programming fun you won’t find from any automated/personalized play list. Find great college radio now!

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