Jan Press Summary

Notable Quotes

“Bill Moore, CEO, RadioTime, tells RBR RadioTime allows easy station and program navigation on mobile devices: “If you have a PC, you can use the keyboard to search. With these other devices, you are really stuck with browsing—up, down, left, right. When you combine that with a huge amount of selections, the navigation problem is hard, but it is very important. So we’ve put a lot of effort into solving that problem. It’s not that RadioTime just has a great selection of stations, we also have the radio programs that are on—equivalent to a television program guide—and make it really simple to find and listen to them.”

-Carl Marcucci, Radio Business Report

“If you’re a Windows Mobile user then you will want to take advantage of a program like WunderRadio if you want to be able to access Internet radio from your mobile phone. It’s great the application has the ability to search by program and on-air personalities. Let’s be honest, nobody cares about a radio station’s call sign, people would prefer to know what is on that station.”

-Brian Osborne, Geek.com

“I’m a big fan of internet radio in general. Also, being the owner of a Windows Mobile device, I’m delighted with this news. For those like me, who will really get some use out of the service, the promotional price is greatly appreciated. But a general price tag of 15 USD? That’s a bit weighty…”

-Bena Roberts, GoMo News

Media and Blog Coverage

Each news release appeared on more than 20 online news sites, including:

Computer Talk with Dave Mason

Bill Moore appeared on the live radio show on Jan. 17th. The interview is available as a podcast

CES: Cisco, Windows Mobile devices add RadioTime Tuner

Carl Marcucci, Radio Business Report

“Cisco goes content crazy”

Ryan Lawler, Contentinople

Is Cisco’s price-point for its wireless multi-room music system too high?

Cisco Subnet blog, Network World

“Linksys announces Wireless Home Audio System, another wireless audio toy for rich people”

Greg Kumparak, CrunchGear

“RadioTime Listener Sessions Exceed 10 Million Each Month”

News staff, Digital Facility

“Listen to internet radio on your Windows Mobile phone, from RadioTime and Weather Underground”

Bena Roberts, GoMo News

“RadioTime, Weather Underground Launch WunderRadio for Windows Mobile”

News staff, PC Pocket

“RadioTime, Weather Underground Launch WunderRadio for Windows Mobile”

News Staff, Buy Laptops Today

“WunderRadio: new streaming radio service for Windows Mobile:

News staff, WMPowerUser.com

“Cisco Takes on Sonos with Wireless Audio”

Tim Gideon, PC Magazine

“WunderRadio moved to Windows Mobile”

Brian Osborne, Geek.com (Includes screen shot)

“Cisco Bows Licensing Program at CES 2009”

Colleen Bohen, This Week in Consumer Electronics (TWICE)

“Avega Platform Set for More Wireless Systems”

Joe Palenchar, TWICE

“WunderRadio for Windows Mobile”

George Ponder, WMExperts

Podcast: “Chit Chat About Windows Mobile News”

MSMobiles.com podcast includes discussion about the WunderRadio for Windows Mobile announcement

“Hands-on with Linksys by Cisco Wireless Home Audio System”

Sean Portney, ZDNet’s SOHO Networking blog

WunderRadio Launches for Windows Mobile”

News editor, Mobile2Mobility.com (includes screenshot and logos)

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