New API features

The RadioTime APIs keep getting smarter so partners can focus on their value-add.

This is a list of updates that will go live tonight in our OPML and OpenMedia SOAP APIs.


  • We are replacing the station “tune” call, StationPlaylist.axd, with the API standard Tune.ashx. All internal browse links will now reference Tune.ashx, and the response will be exactly the same as it was before. The service will continue to accept calls to StationPlaylist.axd, in case you have stored presets/favorites with those URLs.
  • We have added a new browse-based reporting wizard, accessible at /Report.ashx?c=wizard&id=<guide_id>. This context-sensitive display will route users to appropriate options for common problems like missing information, bad data, or poor stream quality.
  • We have added a new stream search feature, such that users can enter a raw stream URL and we will cross-reference it to stations in our guide. Available via /Search.ashx?c=stream&query=<stream_url>
  • We have added a station daily EPG view, which will display all shows for a given station for the current day. Available as /Browse.ashx?c=schedule&id=<station_id>
  • We will correctly apply geo-location stream filters on search.
  • OpenMedia

    • getMediaURI will return the new Tune.ashx URL described above for stations, rather than the old StationPlaylist.axd.
    • We have added new attributes to StreamMetadata to indicate the reliability of the stream and metadata pertaining to the next available show (when applicable)
    • We have added new attributes to MediaMetadata to indicate the live now or on-demand status of the given item.
    • We have added a station daily EPG view similar to OPML above. This is accomplished with a new ScheduleMetadata element on the MediaMetadata root and can be invoked via getMetadata by appending the suffix “:schedule” to any station identifier.
    • We have added a configurable search behavior to flatten show results. This is opt-in by partner and NOT the default. Web Services
    • Tuner_Tune and Search will apply geo-location filters Links to API documentation are here — our developer docs are clunky but being being fixed now, stay tuned.
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