Better search, Preset folders from opml

The latest and greatest radiotime platform include a few handy search improvements:

  • New aliasing support to provide suggestions for search misspellings (on and from OPML).
  • Keyword matching fix supports exact phrases (e.g. “radio 1″)
  • Partial term matching fix for in services (including the “rad” bug on the Sonos iPhone controller).
  • Don’t hide repeater stations in certain cases like when the repeater is local or when searching for the repeater call sign.
  • New OPML service for advanced search, by call sign, frequency, city, genre, hosts, or any combination
  • Upgraded Lucene engine (was over 3 years old).

The OPML service now includes Preset folder management to add/remove folders and add/remove items in specific folders.

Fixed a bug when showing local radio from the Media Center product.

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