September’s Top 49 Shows on RadioTime

by Scott Fleischer

We have compiled the most popular shows on RadioTime for the month of September:

  1. The Rush Limbaugh Show
  2. The Glenn Beck Program
  3. The Steve Harvey Morning Show
  4. The Savage Nation
  5. The Sean Hannity Show
  6. Laura Ingraham Show
  7. NPR’s Morning Edition
  8. Dr. Laura Schlessinger Show
  9. Coast to Coast AM
  10. Mark Levin Show
  11. The Jim Rome Show
  12. Tom Joyner Morning Show
  13. The Musers
  14. The Dennis Miller Show
  15. The Michael Baisden Show
  16. The Dave Ramsey Show
  17. Mike and Mike In The Morning
  18. The Stephanie Miller Show
  19. Neal Boortz Show
  20. The Herd
  21. Piolin Por La Manana
  22. Imus in the Morning
  23. The Hardline
  24. All Things Considered
  25. The Randi Rhodes Show
  26. The Thom Hartmann Program
  27. BaD Radio
  28. Michael Medved Show
  29. The Dan Patrick Show
  30. The Bob & Tom Show
  31. Dennis Prager Show
  32. Morning in America
  33. Russ Parr Morning Show
  34. The Mike Gallagher Show
  35. The Ed Schultz Show
  36. ESPN GameNight
  37. Norm Hitzges
  38. The Rickey Smiley Morning Show
  39. Fresh Air (NPR)
  40. The Best of Rush Limbaugh
  41. ESPN SportsCenter
  42. The Bill Press Show
  43. On Air with Ryan Seacrest
  44. The Clark Howard Show
  45. Hugh Hewitt Show
  46. The Paul Finebaum Radio Network
  47. Big Boy’s Neighbohood
  48. Funkmaster Flex
  49. Glenn Beck Weekend Edition
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