The Top 49 Country stations on RadioTime

by Scott Fleischer

We have compiled the 49 most popular country stations on RadioTime and they are listed below.  The top 10 is comprised of FM stations located in a mix of large (Chicago, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston) and small (Topeka, Birmingham) markets.  Following the top 10, RadioTime fans will see a significant number of HD-2 stations and internet only streams making the list.  Many of these are formatted with Bluegrass and Classic Country, two genres that are not as readily available via traditional FM radio.

“While country music is evolving and attracting new and younger fans, our rankings show the classic country and bluegrass formats still have very strong followings,” says RadioTime President Dan Halyburton.  “Not every local market offers those formats, and that’s where RadioTime can help.  The RadioTime Guide makes it easy for our users to find their favorite music on their computers, mobile phones and Internet-connect home entertainment devices, so we expect this list will change as listeners discover and share new favorites.”

RadioTime’s Country Music Top 19 stations

The complete list of the Top 49:

  1. KTHT “Country Legends 97.1″/Houston, TX
  2. KKAT “Country Legends 107.5″/Salt Lake City-Ogden-Provo, Utah
  3. WXTU/Philadelphia, PA
  4. KTPK “Country Legends 106.9″/Topeka, KS
  5. WSM/Nashville, TN
  6. KSCS “The Big 96.3″/Dallas/Fort Worth, TX
  7. WUSN “US 99.5″/Chicago, IL
  8. WZZK/Birmingham, AL
  9. KTFW “Country Legends 92.1″/Glen Rose, TX
  10. WIVK/Knoxville, TN
  11. KPLX “The Wolf”/Dallas/Fort Worth, TX
  12. 181.FM Front Porch/Internet Stream
  13. WAMU-HD2 “Bluegrass Country”/Washington, DC
  14. 1.FM Classic Country/Internet Stream
  15. KNFM/Midland, TX
  16. KKWF “The Wolf”/Seattle, WA
  17. WKDF/Nashville, TN
  18. WUBL “The Bull”/Atlanta, GA
  19. KBWF “The Wolf”/San Francisco, CA
  20. KILT/Houston, TX
  21. WPCV “97 Country”/Lakeland, FL
  22. KMPS-HD2 “Classic KMPS”/Seattle, WA
  23. WRKA “Country Legends 103.9″/Louisville, KY
  24. KEBQ “Q104″/Kansas City, MO
  25. WMZQ/Washington, DC
  26. KKUS “The Ranch”/Tyler, TX
  27. WIRY “Stereo 1340″/Plattsburgh, NY
  28. The Bluegrass Mix Radio/Internet Stream
  29. WKLB/Boston, MA
  30. KMPS/Seattle, WA
  31. KKGO “Go Country 105″/Los Angeles, CA
  32. WBRF/Galax, VA
  33. Y! 1950s Country/Internet Stream
  34. Hillbilly Classics/Internet Stream
  35. 181.FM Highway 181/Internet Stream
  36. WIL/St. Louis, MO
  37. WWLG “The Legend”/Atanta, GA
  38. Gospel Grass Radio/Internet Stream
  39. WESC/Greenville, SC
  40. WSOC/Charlotte, NC
  41. Country Favorites/Internet Stream
  42. KTNN/Window Rock, AZ
  43. WSIX “The Big 98″/Nashville, TN
  44. KKOO “Country Legends 106.7 FM”/Rayne, LA
  45. KFWR “The Ranch”/Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
  46. WKHX “Kicks 101.5″/Atlanta, GA
  47. KHYI “The Range”/Dallas/Fort Worth, TX
  48. WKUL/Cullman, AL
  49. WBKR/Owensboro, KY
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