RadioTime for Android 2.1

Last Monday we launched a major update to our product for the Android platform, which you can find in the market under the name “RadioTime”.

New features include:

  • Industry-first support for the WMA codec. This brings stations like the BBC, The Ticket 1310, Ministry of Sound, and more than 10,000 others.
  • Directory content in 22 languages – the application will use the language on your phone to localize most of the browse experience
  • Improved playback for low bitrate MP3 streams – “stuttering” and other quirks should be gone.
  • RadioTime account integration. From the menu key, enter your RadioTime account information to access your presets.
  • Current song information for playing streams. Supported stations will show song titles as they stream.

The release supports Android versions 1.5 through 2.1. More information may be found on our site and our forums.

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