“Carmaker Gets in Sync With Pandora”

radioworld       Interesting article by Radio World magazine’s James Careless, “Carmaker Gets in Sync With Pandora,” that examines what the integration of Pandora into Ford’s new Sync App Link means for traditional radio broadcasters.   James interviewed Ford’s Julius Marchwicki, and he believes the addition of Internet radio and music streaming services like Pandora can help, not hurt, traditional radio broadcasters.

           We’re certainly seeing that with our users who are increasingly accessing RadioTime on our mobile apps and those we power like the Livio Car Internet Radio iPhone app.   Smart phones apps have become an addition, not a replacement, to the cars AM/FM radio, and are terrestrial radio compete in on a level playing field.

           What do you think — does the addition of Internet connectivity to the car entertainment systems help or hurt broadcasters?

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