“Logitech Squeezebox Radio streams your digital music collection anywhere you want”

abc 15                  RadioTime powers a handfull of Logitech audio systems. With over 60,000 stations, there is a remarkable number of stations, news programs, and podcasts avialable to listeners. Whether your favorite stations are local or abroad, RadioTime will bring it right to your home, office, or wherever your device will take you. 

                  Kirk Yuhnke of ABC 15 in Phoenix, Arizona gave an on air review of Logitech’s Squeezebox Radio. The review walks viewers through the streaming capabilities of Squeezebox Radio, focusing on its portable functionality. Using an internet connection, Squeezebox Radio allows listeners access to the thousands of songs they have on their computer, including streaming applications such as Pandora, Slacker, and RadioTime. Impressed with its ease of use, full color screen, and output options, Yuhnke suggests Squeezebox Radio as “the best way to connect your digital music collection to another room in your home without breaking the bank.”

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