Radio Stations devoted to The Beatles, Michael Jackson Dominate RadioTime’s New Channel

RadioTime’s Icons of Rock Channel also features stations for fans of Bob Dylan, Pearl Jam and Pink Floyd, among others


DALLAS – Oct. 6, 2010 – RadioTime, Inc. today announced that it has created a new channel on featuring stations dedicated to one rock musician or band.  The Icons of Rock Channel is a collection of the most popular of these stations among users, a list dominated by The Beatles and Michael Jackson.  New stations will be added at the request of listeners and station representatives.


The majority of these independent stations rely heavily on listener support and donations, but it can be difficult for listeners to find them.  A Google search for “Pearl Jam” returns more than 10 million results, but the same search on returns about 50 radio stations playing Pearl Jam’s music and providing listeners with studio performances and podcasts specific to the band.


“These stations were created and are run by actual people, not automated music streaming services, and that human presence creates a more engaging experience for listeners beyond simply indicating whether they do or do not like a particular song,” said Bill Moore, CEO, RadioTime.  “RadioTime makes it easier for our users to find stations playing their favorite music and assist these stations attract new listeners.”


The Beatles are the most popular among these artist-only stations, both in terms of number and rankings.  Of the top 25 most popular stations based on number of monthly listening sessions, seven are dedicated to the Fab Four, including the top three: Beatles-A-Rama, Beatles Radio and 181.FM The Beatles.  Michael Jackson is a close second with six stations, and the Grateful Dead, Madonna, Pearl Jam and Pink Floyd each have two stations.  Other artists and bands represented include Bruce Springsteen, the Dave Matthews Band, Guns ‘N Roses, Madonna and Phish. is free to users, there is no subscription fee.


Supporting Quotes

  • “Beatles-A-Rama has always been known for its production values and has grown tremendously since its inception in 2001. Listeners always comment on the rarities we play like the Behind The Scenes shows with the Fab Four in the studio including out-takes and unreleased versions of tracks, etc In the past 18 months we have added show hosts from all over the U.S., and RadioTime is helping us increase our visibility and following.”  – Pat Matthews, Beatles-A-Rama Radio 


  • “The goal of is to both share a wide range of material with fans, as well as introduce Bob Dylan to the uninitiated, so we’re always looking for new ways to reach listeners.  RadioTime has given us a new conduit to reach folks who otherwise would not have discovered us on the web.”  – Pete Freckelton of


  •  ”Pearl Jam Radio launched in May of 2010 in conjunction with the band’s Spring Tour. Presenting an all encompassing variety of live tracks, studio cuts, rarities, complete concert flashbacks, interviews, after-show fan reports and more in store, PJ Radio is for both the hard core fan and the newly initiated. Pearl Jam Radio is where the band’s ‘Official Bootleg’ recordings of each of their current live shows are premiered. We’re excited that RadioTime enables more fans to enjoy Pearl Jam Radio.” – Rob Bleetstein of Pearl Jam Radio


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