RadioTime Announces GoogleTV Optimized Version of TuneIn Radio

DALLAS, Nov 08, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) — RadioTime, Inc., a developer of technology for finding and listening to radio online, today announced its TuneIn Radio website optimized for viewing through Google TV, and featured in the Google TV Spotlight. TuneIn Radio features RadioTime’s new Song Search technology, which allows users to quickly and easily search the directory of over 50,000 AM/FM and Internet-only radio stations for specific songs, artists, programs and stations.

“The TuneIn Radio applications we’ve developed for the iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Palm platforms have become enormously popular, and we wanted to bring a similar experience to Google TV users,” said Thomas Hutchings, Vice President of Development for RadioTime, Inc. “We’ve optimized the experience for the television, with a clean and simple interface that makes it easy for users to see what’s airing on their local stations, quickly tune to their favorite radio shows, and discover great new radio content.”

The TuneIn Radio home page automatically displays a user’s local AM/FM stations, and provides links to search the entire directory by selections such as “Music,” “Talk,” and “Sports,” as well as an enormous library of podcasts. Users can also search by a wide variety of parameters, such as program, station, genre, song title, artist name.

Users who create a free account on can link their presets to their Google TV accounts, and save and access presets on Google TV, and the TuneIn Radio mobile apps.

“Before the Internet, before television, there was radio, and the medium has remained a primary source of news, sports and music for 100 years,” said Bill Moore, CEO, RadioTime. “Seeing TuneIn Radio in Google TV Spotlight next to websites from such well-known content providers as CNN and Vimeo is extremely gratifying and validates all the hard work our team has put in to bringing the TuneIn Radio experience to Google TV.”

Pricing and Availability

TuneIn Radio is available now through the Google TV Spotlight. It is accessible to users worldwide online at:

Connect with RadioTime and TuneIn

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