TuneIn Android 1.4 Released

Today we’ve pushed a new version of our application for Android OS to the market. This release focuses almost entirely on improving the playback experience. You’ll find that many streams now start faster, and some stations that failed in earlier versions now work well. More important, you’ll see a useful progress indicator on the playing screen letting you know what state the player is in.

More detail on 1.4:

  • Use multi-threaded playlist parsing and smarter protocol detection to improve stream start times
  • Use smarter user agent content negotiation to fix playback of desktop streams
  • Show playback status and stream codec on playing screen
  • Use a new mechanism to trigger the audio alarm – should work much more consistently and avoid problems when alarm streams don’t work right away
  • Improve playback stability for many podcasts

We hope you enjoy the update and let us know if you find any problems.

Stay TunedIn!

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