TuneIn’s Weekend Wrap

by Michael McGeary

Another week draws to a close here at TuneIn, and it’s time for us to send you off to the weekend in style with some of the good stuff happening on TuneIn.

St. Patrick’s Day may have come and gone, but that doesn’t mean you need to pack away the green sweater and Smithwick’s until next March, and you certainly can still enjoy some music. If it’s traditional songs you’re still looking for, our St. Patrick’s Day channel is still up and running, but if something more modern from the Emerald Isle is your flavor, check out Radio U2, broadcasting favorites from Dublin’s finest – from Prague!

We’re still your destination for SXSW happenings as well, with our SXSW Channel going strong and live performances streaming out live all weekend from the likes of KEXP, WFUV and SXSW Music just to name a few.

After this week, maybe you need a laugh. TuneIn has you covered there too, as you can check into Y! Stand Up and listen to the best comic acts around and lighten the mood this weekend.

And if its Island sounds you need to whisk you away, try out Radio St. Lucia, a favorite of our Facebook fan Kenrick, and drink in the tropical sounds from the Caribbean.

However you relax this weekend, TuneIn’s right there alongside. Got a suggestion for us to include or something we absolutely missed for this weekend? Join the conversation and drop us a comment on Facebook or Tweet at us!

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