Listen. Discover. TuneIn. All For Free.

When you’re the leading paid iOS music app, you might think it’d be easy to rest on your laurels a little bit. You know, kick back and just watch millions of people download and enjoy your app and discover new radio content each and every day.

But at TuneIn, we’re never satisfied. The truth is we love radio discovery so much, we are always trying to reach one more listener, help one more user find something great they didn’t even know they were missing. So when we were sitting around brainstorming one day, trying to figure out how to improve our product the thought came up from the table…

“Why don’t we make it free?”

So we did.

iOS users can download TuneIn Radio from the App Store for free. Right now. (In fact, as of this writing, many of you already have. A LOT of you. And we thank you.) Our free product is a companion to our premium paid app, they are both available and we will support both of them. With the exception of recording, everything else that has made TuneIn Radio Pro the number 1 paid music app in the iOS App Store is now yours, free of charge.

In the end, what we believe and what we’re committed to is that price should not be a barrier to discovering great content, and with TuneIn Radio on iOS, it doesn’t have to be.

So go ahead. Listen. Discover. TuneIn. Now, for free.

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