TuneIn’s Weekend Wrap

So we’ve got a big time sports weekend coming up, maybe even one of the best of the year. Baseball is back, the Final Four tips off tomorrow, India and Sri Lanka will battle for the Cricket World Cup in Mumbai – there’s a lot to choose from. For all the news around that, we’ve got ESPN Radio, Fox Sports Radio, Radio 5 Live (along with the ever-popular Test Match Special podcast).

But maybe you want an alternative. Maybe you’re on sports overload and want to mix it up a little. Maybe none of it interests you in the slightest. That’s the best part of TuneIn, you have options and we’ve got you covered.

Seeing as how it’s April Fool’s Day, maybe you need a tickle to your funny bone. Maybe you just need a laugh after a long week, either way, check out our April Fool’s Day channel for the best in comedy 24/7. Personally, I recommend The Pod F. Tompkast to get your giggle on.

One of the best things we’ve found happening this weekend is the ninth anniversary special for Little Steven’s Underground Garage. The show’s host, vocalist, actor and raconteur “Little” Steven van Zandt, will be joined by his bandmate and rock ‘n’ roll legend Bruce Springsteen. Springsteen will help host the show and take you through his catalog of hits from Nebraska to The Rising and everything in between. The show airs throughout the weekend on many affiliates, but you can find your favorite one here and TuneIn.

If you’re getting out, maybe for a springtime hike or a run or just working out in some of that wonderful weekend free time, you can take TuneIn along with our friends at Primal.FM. Their philosophy is better music for a better workout, and you’ll find less chatter with more music to help pump (clap) you up. (Hans and Franz?…anyone?…well, that was my April Fool’s attempt at humor. Oh well.) And New Normal Music continues its’ SXSW retrospective with live shows so you can discover new music all weekend long.

However you spend the weekend, you can spend it with TuneIn. Did we miss a great station, show or podcast you can’t live without? You know where to find us. We’re on Facebook and Twitter, follow us and join the conversation!

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