TuneIn’s Weekend Wrap

Today brings to an end of a big week for us at TuneIn. We released new products across three of our platforms, from Windows Phone with FM Tuner integration to our iOS Free product and culminating today with the release of our Android Pro Edition on the Amazon App Store. (If you still haven’t downloaded our Android product, it’s free for a couple more hours, and you can get it here.) We’re immensely proud of the work our engineering and development teams have done, and we are humbled by the reviews for each of them and both the amount of new people we have on TuneIn (100,000+ on Android today alone!) as well as our stalwart followers like you who have been with us every step of the way.

With all that, we’re going back to what we believe really makes our product superior: the great content our platform can put in your pocket.

Earlier this week, the Edward R. Murrow Awards for Excellence in Radio Journalism were released, putting a spotlight on some of the great reporting radio has to offer. We’ve created a channel you can access through TuneIn, and listen to great stations doing great work and bringing the stories that matter to you home across the country and around the world.

As we pause (briefly) to recognize what we feel is work well done with our product, we want to simultaneously recognize that without great stations providing great content, our app wouldn’t mean half as much to you as it does.

So go ahead and TuneIn, find a story that moves you this weekend and enjoy it. Join the conversation and tell us about it on Facebook and Twitter, and as always, thank you for being the most vibrant social radio community on the internet.

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