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You might remember a couple months ago when we relaunched tunein.com as the gateway to 50,000 (and growing!) radio stations from all across the world. Today, we’ve made a quantum leap in our efforts to bring you the best experience in listening to online radio, and we want to tell you about it. Our design team, along with our developers and engineers have been working tirelessly since the night of that last launch to bring forward the product we’re launching today. And to say we’re proud of the work they’ve all done is an understatement.

The new tunein.com embodies more of the look and feel you’re used to from our TuneIn app experience, while also incorporating some brand new features that will enhance your listening experience. So whether you’re at your desk during the workweek, on the train with your laptop, or by the pool reading the news on the weekend, the new tunein.com is your destination for discovering and listening to great radio content from around the world.

Here’s what’s new on tunein.com:

  • Completely revamped design – Beyond the new look and feel of the site, tunein.com is better organized to help you discover new stations from around the world, or around the block. Now you get more targeted local suggestions and global stations presented to you based on what you like to listen to.
  • Song tagging – “Man, what was that Adele song I was listening to? ‘Rolling in the…something?’ Deep, maybe? Oh, who remembers…” That will never happen again. Now, when you’re listening to a song you like, simply click “Add Song” in the player. Just like your presets, the song information will be held onto, so you can come back later and buy the song, or check your tagged songs and see when they’re playing on virtually any station worldwide at any time.
  • Artist & Genre Recommendations – You love the blues. You could listen to Howlin’ Wolf or John Lee Hooker all day. You might even know the stations you love. But then, maybe it’s a Saturday, you’re stuck in the office pushing paper and you say to yourself, “I wonder what else is out there?” While we might not be able to help you with the existential questions, we can help with new music discovery. Now when you search by genre on tunein.com, we will show you a real-time, updated list of popular artists in that genre. And before you know it, you’re rocking out to some Keb’ Mo on the Maine Blues Project.
  • Artist Album Artwork – We’re rolling out an upgrade that will automatically update the album artwork in our player to match whatever song is playing. Some stations like KEXP and The Current already have this feature.

So with those changes and many more, we’re very proud of the new experience on tunein.com and we hope you enjoy it. Let us know what you think. Join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter and tell us about your experience with our new site.

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