Updated: TuneIn for iOS

When we launched the new tunein.com last week, one thing you may have noticed is the new headline we put on our front page.

Radio. Rediscovered.

One of the coolest parts of TuneIn, no matter which platform you’re listening on, is the ability to discover great content from all around the world. Now, with our new iOS app being released today, we’re making that process even easier. On the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch (and coming soon to other mobile devices), we’ve enhanced your ability to listen to and discover new music, sports, news and talk from beyond your borders or around your corner. And we’ve done that while giving the app a simple, intuitive, sleek new design.

Here’s what’s new in our latest release:

  • Recommendations Based on Your Music – You spend a lot of time putting together your iPod library: cultivating it, curating it, putting together mixes of songs you love or getting your favorite albums together and synced up. But you’re busy. You don’t always have a lot of time to find new music to add to your collection. The good news is there are a lot of great people – DJs at radio stations all over the world – who spend their days scouring every source they can find to bring you the best in new music, and classic hits you might have missed. With this update, TuneIn will now look to your collection and recommend new stations for you to listen to that play the music you already love.
  • Song Tagging – Now you can tag songs you hear on the go and come back to them later. Look them up anytime, just like your preset stations, and our directory will tell you when that song is playing on stations all over the world so you can TuneIn 24/7, or you can purchase in the iTunes Music Store, and get back to that song you love.
  • Real-Time Search Results – Why wait for search results when the technology exists for you to begin seeing them as you type? Yeah, we don’t know either. We built real-time results into this update so you can find what you’re looking for and start listening to a new station faster.
  • “Shake It Up” - Picture this. You’re listening to Hot 97 and Funkmaster Flex had a great mix going, but maybe you’re kicking back with your friends and you want to hear something a little different. So you pick up your iPhone and give it a little shake and BOOM, all of a sudden KDAY is blowing up with Old School jams. Shake it again, and it’s 99.7 Now here in the Bay Area, pumping today’s biggest hits. It’s that simple. Discover a new station playing the type of music you’re listening to with a quick shake of your device.

We’ve also included a few other bug fixes to improve performance, as well as making the in-app browser functionality voluntary. These improvements are just the first step in the next generation of our product, with iOS leading the way. We hope you enjoy them.

Let us know how the app is working for you and what you’re discovering along the way! Join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.

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