TuneIn’s Weekend Wrap

Parades. Fireworks. Cookouts. All part of the experience in America for the Fourth of July, all things that can be enjoyed no matter where you are with TuneIn. I’ll be spending my Fourth where we invented the Fourth of July, Eastern Massachusetts, home of the¬†original Tea Party¬†- yes, I admit Philadelphia can claim the actual Declaration of Independence, but we like to think the values and so forth imbued in the document were born of the battlefields of Lexington and Concord. There’s a whole lot going on for you to listen to on TuneIn this weekend, so let’s get right to it.

As we mentioned a couple days ago, Phish’s Super Ball IX is underway in Upstate New York. LivePhish Radio has wall-to-wall coverage all weekend long of all 7 sets they’ll be playing throughout the days and nights.

Elsewhere, the All England Club hosts the Wimbledon Men’s and Women’s finals this weekend with play getting underway from 2pm BST/9am ET/6am PT and you can hear the coverage of both days on Radio Wimbledon. Though it seems slightly unpatriotic to be talking about our former colonial masters at a time like this – unless you’d like to remember the time we opened up a big can of whoop-tushy at Yorktown that is…

Ok, back stateside. We have a whole load of great Americana you can listen to with our Fourth of July channel but one to highlight in particular is the grandest celebration of our nation’s birth taking place, oddly enough, right here in Boston. The Boston Pops Symphony Orchestra, joined by special guests including country superstar Martina McBride, celebrate along the banks of the Charles River with an unparalleled homage to America as Pops Goes the Fourth! Live coverage is available on TuneIn, thanks to our friends at WBZ beginning at 7pm ET/4pm PT.

However you celebrate the Fourth, we hope you have a great weekend and we hope, as always that you bring TuneIn along for the ride. What’s your favorite music or event to listen to on the Fourth? Let us know and join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.

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