Listen, Discover, And Now Share.

For a while now, people on Twitter and Facebook and all across the internet have been lavishing praise on our product, calling it a real game changer. Many, from PC Magazine to The Splurgerina, have even named us to their Must-have Apps lists. And we thank you all for your kind words. But along the way, people also started asking about whether when they found something new and interesting through TuneIn, there might be some way to share with their friends online.

Now, there is.

Beginning today on iOS and Android, you will be able to seamlessly tell your friends, though social media or email, what you’re listening to right now. Our new Share button will allow you to connect directly to your Facebook and Twitter accounts and with one touch, publish a link or tweet to talk about what you found on TuneIn.

So, say for example that you’re listening to East Village Radio and The Lillywhite Sessions just closed out another set of great hits from Steve Lillywhite’s illustrious producing career. You shake your phone and it takes you to Absolute 90s in the UK. Maybe you hadn’t heard that station before. Maybe it’s playing one of your favorite songs, a deep track you never hear on the radio. Now, with one touch, you can tell all your friends about it and they can listen in too.

It’s that simple. We hope you enjoy our new Social Share feature, and as always, remember to link up with us on Facebook and Twitter for even more tips and hints about great stations from all over the world.

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