TuneIn’s Weekend Wrap

It’s a very special Hurricane edition of the Wrap, helping East Coasters ride out Irene with TuneIn.

First, you’re going to need information. If you are in the path of the storm, first things first: get out of the way. That means you, Coastal Carolina. And tomorrow, DC, New York and Boston. This storm is the real deal, so board on up and head for higher ground. For the best information regarding the storm, your best bet is to check out NOAA Weather Radio for updates from the National Hurricane Center and the National Weather Service. We have stations from up and down the coast, as well as CNN Radio for overall coverage, so find the one closest to your area and listen in for updates.

Now, once you get to your chosen spot for evacuation, you might want to take your mind off the storm, and TuneIn has you covered there as well. Luckily, there’s no hurricane over in the UK, and the Reading and Leeds Festivals are closing out the summer festival season in the UK this weekend. BBC Radio 1 will be providing coverage of live sets and interviews and a whole lot more all weekend long.

In sports, the Little League World Series wraps up this weekend and ESPN Williamsport has all the news from the quest for Little League glory live from Williamsport. And down under, the Wallabies and All Blacks wrap up their Tri-Nations campaigns in their final tune up for the forthcoming World Cup. The game kicks off at 6am ET/3am PT on Radio Sport.

However you TuneIn this weekend, we hope you have a safe one and stay out of Irene’s way. Did we miss a resource you can’t ride the storm out without? Let us know and join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter!

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