Product Updates Galore!

We’ve been hard at work here at TuneIn, packing lots of new benefits into the latest product releases for iOS, Android and  Let’s dig in on all the things that make these new versions great for listening to the world.

More Stations

TuneIn has the largest imaginable collection of live global and local music, sports and talk radio. We also have 1.2 million on-demand concerts, interviews and shows. We’re growing this collection every day, and since the last update we have added 725 of these gems for your listening pleasure.

Police and Fire Scanners

We’ve added over 3,000 police and fire scanners so you can stay up to date on what’s going on in your city and other communities around the country. Just browse under Talk>News or try searching for the city that interests you.

Station Donations: A Test

There are so many amazing stations that put out great programming every day. Many of these stations are non-profit or listener-supported and depend on the contributions of their listeners. How many times have you tuned in to a station  and wanted to show your support by sending them a donation? Now you can. Just search for KQED and tap the gift icon. (Currently available on iOS and Android.)

New and Improved Buttons

Many of you have been asking for a mute button, which is now available. Just tap the speaker icon on the “now playing” screen to toggle this feature. We’ve also upgraded the record button on TuneIn Radio Pro to pulse when TuneIn is recording – this will help you know if recording has started. These button updates are for iOS only.

Get Help, Straight From Your Phone

We added the FAQs from to the new iOS and Android versions of TuneIn and TuneIn Radio Pro. Now you can easily find answers to the most common TuneIn questions without having to be near a computer. We’ve also clarified the descriptions in the Settings menu to help you understand every function.

3,000 New Scanners

Donate to KQED

Improved Buttons

FAQs Now on Your Phone

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