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Introducing Car Mode With Voice Command

We know that hundreds of thousands of you already enjoy listening to TuneIn in the car, and today we’re excited to announce a new feature called “Car Mode” that will make this experience easier and safer with the release of TuneIn 5.3 for Android.

With Car Mode, TuneIn becomes the first audio streaming service to offer people the ability to listen to their favorite music, sports and news simply by speaking a command into their phone or tablet. This groundbreaking feature is coupled with extra large buttons for easy viewing and control.

Here’s how it works. You’re in your car on a cloudy day and feel like brightening it up with some beach music. Using TuneIn, you turn on “Car Mode” from the main menu and tap the search button, saying, “Listen to Hawaiian music.” TuneIn instantly whisks you away to sunny Maui with the sounds of Polynesia filling your car.

Using Car Mode, you can also search by artist, album or song name. Let’s say you’re in the car and feel like listening to Adele. All you need to do is tap the search button and say “Play Adele.” TuneIn takes over from here, connecting you to the most popular station of a long list of every station in the world currently playing Adele. Now you’re listening to “Rolling In The Deep” from the top-selling artist’s album, “21.” If Adele is not currently on the air, TuneIn will automatically play a station that frequently plays her music.

You can also use Car Mode to search by cities or countries, so now you can listen to Prague or Australia just by the sound of your voice. There’s a whole world of listening out there – where do you want to hear?

Android owners can start enjoying Car Mode today. Just download the newest version of the TuneIn software and start listening to the world in a whole new way.

Watch A Demonstration of Car Mode

Extra Large Buttons

Voice Command

Now Playing Screen

Tablet Home Screen



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