Introducing TuneIn Amplifier

Knowledge is power.

Smartphones. Tablets. Laptops. TVs. Digital receivers. There are lots of new ways for people to listen to the radio, and analyzing your station’s digital traffic can be cumbersome if not daunting.

Today we’re excited to announce a product built just for our broadcast partners, called TuneIn Amplifier, to shed light on this situation. TuneIn Amplifier is a free, simple tool that provides all broadcasters who have stations on our service visibility into their TuneIn traffic. With over 30 million monthly active listeners and a presence across 230 countries and territories, data from TuneIn can be used as a core sample to better understand how people listen to your station.

TuneIn Amplifier is fast, updating information daily, reflecting:

  • The total tunes (listens) your stations received
  • The total unique listeners for each of your stations
  • The average time listeners spent tuning in to each of your stations
  • The number of listeners from each country who tuned in to each of your stations (for the U.S., this information can be segmented by state)
  • The donation taps each of your stations generated via TuneIn Donate (available for listener-supported stations only)

This data can be sorted by individual months, a custom date range or a rolling 30-day period. All listener data is on the aggregate level; no individual information is shared.

We chose these metrics based on requests from broadcasters who reached out to us with ideas on how we could help them learn more about their audience. If you are a broadcaster and have any suggestions for new additions or improvements to TuneIn Amplifier, please send them to

In addition to these free analytics, you can update your TuneIn profile through TuneIn Amplifier, making your station more discoverable within our service and strengthening your brand.

This version of TuneIn Amplifier is only the first step, and we look forward to providing even more tools in the near future to help you succeed.

Get started today by visiting and sign up for an account!


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