TuneIn Tracks: Football

College football is here! TuneIn will have tons of college football games, so to celebrate we asked Americans just how excited they were for football season…

In a recent survey by Wakefield Research for TuneIn we found out: football season is more exciting than holiday season for millions of Americans. We also found that people would rather listen to their school’s marching band perform at halftime, than AC/DC, Toby Keith or Green Day. Intrigued? See below for some more football season data:


Deck the Halls with Football Fever

Which of the following are you most excited for?

Holiday season – 60%

Football season – 40%

(Men: Football season – 54%; Holiday season – 46%)

(Women: Football season – 28%; Holiday Season – 72%)


Tailgate Tie: Hotdogs & Hamburgers

Which of the following is your favorite food to eat at a football tailgate?

Hamburgers – 35%

Hot dogs – 35%

Wings – 24%

Chili – 6%


Rivalries Revealed

Which of the following do you think is the biggest college football rivalry?

Michigan & Ohio State – 45%

Texas & Oklahoma – 25%

Alabama & Auburn – 19%

California & Stanford – 11%


Band-Geeks Unite

Which of the following bands or singers would you most want to play at your favorite college football team’s halftime show?

The school’s marching band – 36%

AC/DC – 23%

Toby Keith – 21%

Green Day – 20%


College Mascot Madness

Which of the following is the weirdest college football mascot?

Orange (Syracuse) – 36%

Horned Frog (TCU) – 32%

Demon Deacon (Wake Forest) – 23%

Golden Gopher (Minnesota) – 9%


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