Streaming Suggestions for Broadcasters

As a broadcaster, you may be unsure of which system designs and technologies work best with RadioTime. This page advises broadcasters on best practices to deliver the content to listeners.

We make suggestions for playlists, metadata, monetization of streams, and working with RadioTime in general. Remember, even if you have 99.9% server availability, this does not automatically mean users can listen to your stream.

Streaming and Playlist Format

RadioTime recommends broadcasters stream with mp3 over http at 128kb. It is also advisable to set up a secondary stream with aac over http at 64kb, as many cellphones and mobile devices prefer this configuration.

As not all vendors support Icy/Shoutcast, Flash, or Windows Media Audio at this time, we caution their use by broadcasters but do not altogether discourage use.

RadioTime does not recommend a broadcaster force a playlist, or load balance a stream behind a PLS. These practices severely limit the number of devices and players compatible with your stream.

Radio Content and Metadata

In order to ensure a great user experience, broadcasters must provide correct data to the listener. Make sure your server content type matches your radio content type; this is how the user will browse or search for your stream.

Many users also expect to know the song title and artist currently playing on a stream, so please provide that metadata within your stream. This allows a user to see live stream information on most devices.

You can also send in now-playing data to RadioTime though our AIR API, which users can find while searching or browsing.

Monetizing the Stream

Radiotime encourages broadcasters to monetize a stream.

Above all, we recommend high quality in-stream ads, as these are the easiest to maintain.

If you would like to insert pre-roll audio and you use a playlist, please utilize Ando Media or a similar service. It is advisable to limit pre-rolls to a maximum of five to 15 seconds.

RadioTime asks that you do not build your business model around video or visual advertising.

Working with RadioTime

RadioTime wishes to ensure broadcasters that their streams are valuable. Please contact us for a free sample report on how your streams are performing.

If a broadcaster needs to block use for a certain country, please contact us as well.