Network Affiliates

Affiliates are displayed from a link in, or available by browse on devices (e.g. Music→Internet Only→AccuRadio).

Affiliates are typically major broadcasters for grouping stations and programs.

Note: Sports team radio networks coverage also use affiliate relationships.

For each major affiliate scrub assigned, your goal is to be sure the RadioTime database includes each parent station and each program produced by the affiliate. Likewise, remove old or wrong affiliated stations and programs from the group.

Updating Station Affiliates

  1. Access the affiliate tool from the main RadioMill page:
Affiliate link

Manage Affiliations link

  1. Select the affiliate to be scrubbed by entering it:
Affiliate management

Select the affiliate

  1. Access and update the affiliate Web site by clicking contact. Update the source Web site page and affiliate logo if needed. The affiliate logo is offered as a default option for any programs or stations associated with the affiliate.
Affiliate contact link

Affiliate contact link

  1. Click the “Review Stations” link in the header.

For each affiliate station listed on the affiliate Web site, confirm that it is listed. For large groups, it may be fastest to print both the RadioTime list and the affiliate source list and reconcile them. You can sort on the column headings so the list better matches your external source.

Look over the genre column, and fix any obviously bad genres by clicking the station to edit:

Review stations link

Review stations link

  1. Remove any Affiliates not listed. To remove an affiliate, click the checkbox next to the affiliate, and “Remove Selected.” You can also remove affiliates from individual stations by opening the detail page, selecting the affiliate and clicking the “x.”

  2. To add missing stations, begin typing the station name and select the match. You may use RadioMill search to find or create missing station. You can ignore repeater stations shown since there is no reason to add them.

Enter station name

Enter station name

Station Affiliate Rules

Do not include repeater stations as Affiliates. Existing repeaters as affiliates will not cause problems, but reconciling repeaters is a waste of time since repeaters are only used for call/name, location and frequency.

Manually re-use the affiliate logo on stations that can share the same affiliate logo. E-mail the affiliate logo to so we can update the affiliate default.

Check each affiliate station for working streams, genre, logo, slogan, location and other information. The affiliate scrub project does not include checking each repeater unless directed.

Look for obsolete and conflicting affiliates and remove them. When checking a station details, remove obviously wrong affiliates (e.g. an ESPN sports network station is unlikely to also be a RadioIO, EWTN Catholic Radio or NPR affiliate).

Reconcile Program Affiliates

Programs produced and distributed by major broadcasters should be assigned the affiliate. The process to reconcile is identical to stations, but instead of clicking “Review Stations” in the form header, click “Review Programs.”

Review programs

Review programs

However, you won’t necessarily add all affiliate programs. If you are not responsible for schedules but find missing programs (especially any podcasts), e-mail with the source page so they can be added including the affiliate as a separate project.

Do look for duplicate programs. If found, e-mail

Use to See Affiliates With Logos

Use advanced search where you can logos in the results:

Advanced search

Advanced search