Adding Programs

Sample Program

This program “The Star and Buc Wild Morning Show” needs to be updated.

  • program_no 53042 *
  1. You can first start by looking at the program_url to see if the web page is current.
  2. The web page does exist
  3. Try to find the new pages or additional information about the show by doing a google search and entering the program name
  4. I found additional information about the show from a google search
  5. I found the twitter feed is  That can be added to the program information.
  6. The description should be updated since “The Star and Buc Wild Morning Show” is now heard on WPHI
  7. The description can be taken from this page…  The following can be used, “The always outspoken Star will bring his clever wit and unique perspectives to the Delaware Valley every Monday through Friday from 6a-10a.  Joined by his sidekicks Buc Wild and White Trash Helene; the Star and Buc Wild Morning Show will take listeners on entertainment journey like no other morning show in the city.”  This can be entered into the description field.
  8. Genre refers to the type of a program. In this case, you can classify this program as a hip hop show. Try to be as specific as possible.
  9. Check the “active” box, letting users know that the program is on the air.